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Master Thatchers

There's never been a better time to live under thatched roof

A huge expansion in thatching services has driven roofing costs down. The only problem is telling the difference between a craftsman and a cowboy...

There is always a demand for thatched cottages. And the one thing the 50,000 owners of listed properties are not short of is advice. Conservation officers, thatchers, surveyors and restorers of ancient buildings are all there for consultation. The biggest problem is whose advice to take.

Our industry has indifferent craftsmen like any other and there is an unfortunate excess of tradesmen around, some of whom have had a training of less than a year, or inadequate training.

Richard says... You have to work on old buildings for many years to understand how they were constructed, nothing can replace that experience.

Most of the thatched houses in Britain are in the West Country, East Anglia and around the South Downs, and each has a distinctive style.

Richard is a member of both the National Society of Master Thatchers, and the Devon and Cornwall Master Thatchers Association. I have been both secretary and chairman of the DCTMA.

What if your Thatched home is not in Devon? Richard Pascoe is able to recommend a skilled Master Thatcher in your area. Richard has contacts throughout the UK that are experienced Master Craftsmen.

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